What is anti-pollution skincare and how can it benefit your skin?

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As a society, we talk about air pollution a lot. Being greener, and making sustainable choices for a better tomorrow is great. But when we talk about air pollution, usually is all about how it affects your body from the inside, not on the outside, right? But actually, not only lungs are the ones being affected, but our skin as well. Actually, skin is the one, that’s guarding us against harmful environment.

The negative effects of air pollution

Numerous studies have linked pollution to skin conditions and when pollutants pass through skin cell membranes, they diffuse into the body. Pollutants can cause hives, acne, premature skin aging, and inflammatory skin conditions like eczema. Once pollutants enter the skin, they induce oxidative stress by lowering naturally occurring levels of antioxidants.

Air pollution sounds like a global-scale problem, that is caused by big factories and cars, right? But actually our bad habits it’s part of the problem as well. Environmental tobacco smoke is a contributor to air pollution particles. These fine particles are a risk factor for chronic lung disease which can be debilitating and sometimes fatal. They can lead to conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema, and are also a risk for lung cancer. And a big part of the consequences of the harmful effects of smoking can lead to skin problems as well. Whether you smoke yourself or are a passive smoker, over time you will see the impact of the smoke on your skin. Luckily, we live in a time, when skincare has reached the next level and is here to help you protect your skin.

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What is anti-pollution skincare?

In a nutshell, anti-pollution skincare acts as a barrier against pollutants – almost in the same way sunscreen protects against UV rays. Yes, there are many products out there that are specified as “anti-pollution” skincare, but the “anti-pollution” label isn’t regulated yet, so many skin care products can have anti-pollution effects without the label. All you have to do is look for the specific ingredients. They work their magic in one of a few ways:

1. Antioxidants

Antioxidants bind to free radicals before they can wreak havoc on skin cells and they may battle pollution-linked skin damage. Some antioxidants have been shown to be the most effective at protecting against skin damage from free radicals, for example:

  • vitamin C;
  • retinol (vitamin A);
  • vitamin E;
  • niacinamide;
  • resveratrol.

These are the components you should look out for, to help your skin fight off the impact of air pollution.

2. Moisturizers

Regularly moisturizing strengthens the skin barrier to minimize the potential for air pollutants to penetrate skin cells and cause oxidative stress. When reaching for moisturizers, you should look for ones with:

  • Ceramides – are the most effective ingredients to help boost the skin’s barrier function.
  • Hyaluronic acid – also known as sodium hyaluronate or just hyaluronate, it’s an important building block of skin and helps to maintain moisture in the skin.

3. Physical UV blockers

UV light is like a smart bomb, entering the skin and exploding collagen and elastic fibers to cause wrinkles, saggy skin, and cellular DNA changes that increase cancer risk. And did you know, that some pollutants are actually activated by UV light before they exert their detrimental effects? So, the need for UV blockers is important. A mineral sunscreen (look for titanium dioxide or zinc oxide) with an SPF 30 or greater provides a physical barrier to both UV rays and pollutants.


Regene Supreme skincare product set - your shield from pollution

As we discussed before, smoking is a big part of pollution that affect your skin negatively. So, keep your skin from looking dry, dull and wrinkly you should choose the right skincare. The Regene Supreme skincare set is the one for your needs. It’s not making you quit your daily habits – it’s about visually improving what you can. The products are specially designed for smokers to help them regenerate damaged skin cells and improve all the imperfections on a deeper level.

This skin protection set is not just a simple moisturizer and cleanser – it’s your smoke-damaged skin’s first aid to renewed and protected cells. But what is the science behind this product line, that makes it so special? It’s all about the ingredients, that are the key to the rejuvenating properties of the product:


Ectoin® is a 100% natural and very powerful multifunctional active ingredient with outstanding proven efficacy. It’s amazing at protecting skin against the effects of our fast-paced environment. But why? It is the self-defense and survival substance of extremophilic microorganisms living in hostile environments, such as deserts, salt lakes, arctic ice, the deep sea, or hot springs. So, the ingredient is born to protect, as you can say.


This ingredient will be the one that not only provide the skin with an instantly even, luminous, and matte complexion with no white residue, but it can also absorb UVA and UVB, and neutralize free radicals. After using product that contains Lumisphere™ your skin will be given immediate illuminating, and correcting effect. Over time you will notice the brightening effect together with minimized hyperpigmentation.


Pentavitin is another ingredient with great benefits derived from plant-based D-glucose. It’s great at providing deep hydration for 72 hours, strengthening the skin barrier function, and improving a comfortable skin feeling & a healthy skin appearance. And all that is done by stimulates key genes playing a role in the skin barrier.

Final thoughts

Sadly, we cannot change the environment we live in as quickly as we would like. But we can and should protect our health against the effects of our fast-paced environment. And skin is our largest organ, so it should be protected accordingly, right? You can start with small steps like adding antioxidants or UV blockers to your skincare routine and you skin will show improvements over time, that we can assure.


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Rejuvenating Skin Protection Set For Smoke-Affected Skin

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“Pale Skin Glow-Up:
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