The Making Of The Skincare Brand For Smokers [Interview]

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Around the time of the launch of Regene Supreme skincare set for smoke-affected skin, we sat down with the CEO of the brand to discuss some of the long-awaited questions about these products. 

We wanted to share this interview with you to let you, too,  know about what’s the story behind the creation of Regene Supreme as a brand, as well as the idea that lead to the skincare products you know today.

Why do smoking men and women need special facial care products?

For more than 20 years we have been working with beauty and producing professionals and studying high-quality skincare products. As manufacturers, we were looking for new niches in the market for innovative products. During these years, we recognized a need for special skincare for smoking ladies and gentlemen.

The need came from the observations of skincare specialists — a man and woman who smokes require a focused and concentrated course of skincare, to maintain the skin, appearance, and cells in the best possible state, meanwhile preventing the negative effects of smoking and protecting the skin. That’s why Regene Supreme, a brand new product type and formulation, was developed.


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The beauty world is crowded with products. Each man and woman already has their own set of facial care products. Isn't that enough?

For simple daily skincare — definitely enough. However, Regene Supreme is not just a daily facial care product. It is a concentrated, focused 1.5-month turbo course that’s designed specifically for smoking men and women, providing care that a daily cream can’t provide.

Just because regular creams are not so concentrated and their active ingredients are not focused on meeting the vital needs of a smoking person’s skin and cells — protection, moisturizing, the attraction of oxygen, anti-aging, pigmentation, skin firmness, collagen and elastin synthesis, cell membrane protection, detoxification, vascular wall strengthening — in long term.

That’s why Regene Supreme isn’t just a daily facial cream or cleansing foam — it is only applicable as a course, due to its high concentration and active ingredients. The course lasts for about 1.5 months — just as long as one full cycle of skin cell regeneration. It is recommended to take the course 3 to 4 times a year.

What products are included in the Regene Supreme rejuvenating skin protection set for smoke-affected skin?

The course consists of three products — day cream, night cream, and cleansing foam. These products work in a system where each of them is complementary to each other.

While the day cream protects from the whole spectrum of air pollution components, night cream ensures skin cell restoration, detoxing your face while you sleep. But the foaming cleanser deeply cleanses the skin, improving microcirculation at the same time.

A scientist looking for a natural formula for a skincare for smoke-affected skin

Was the set developed in cooperation with German and Swiss scientists?

Yes, we have involved specialists from Switzerland and Germany to develop Regene Supreme because these products are more specific and complex than the usual skincare products.

We, as manufacturers, have more than 25 years of experience in the professional cosmetics development field, meaning we are ones of the best specialists in the beauty industry, but Regene Supreme products have specific nuances that we were able to solve with colleagues from Switzerland and Germany to ensure 100% product efficacy on smoke-affected skin and cells.

We also have partners from Latvia, as that’s where I was born and raised, so I’ve worked with experienced specialists from Europe and worldwide. That has definitely helped with the brand’s and Regene Supreme’s products development.

And by working with professionals from all around the world we’ve managed to find the specific details for cosmetic products for smoke-affected skin — what are the most effective ingredients these products must contain to give the result that we want.

Can you reveal a little bit about the ingredients of the product — what ensures the obvious result?

As you said it yourself — the results really are obvious! That’s because we use the newest and most advanced biotechnologically produced raw materials and natural substances.

For example, Regene Supreme products contain extremolytes. They are small stress-protection molecules, which protect extremophilic microorganisms from extreme, virtually inhabitable conditions. Extremolytes were discovered in 1985 in a salt lake in Wadi El Natrun. These molecules show global and powerful protection efficacy, shielding the skin from extrinsic and intrinsic factors of skin aging and cell damage that are caused by air pollution particles, sunlight, high temperature, and chemical stress.

At the same time, extremolytes enhance and restore cell functions, which are responsible for the skin’s overall health and beauty. This global protection and repairing activity leads to long-lasting and visible preservation of youthful and healthy skin.

Scientists doing experiments to prove the efficiency of a skincare product for smoke-affected skin

Clinical studies about the efficacy of extremolytes are surprising. This type of defense is exactly what skin and its cells need when a woman or a man smokes.

Day cream, on the other hand, contains a different kind of supermolecule — it has a light-reflecting effect and, as a result, the tone of the face gets more even. Also, it acts as an anti-aging agent and protector.

It is like a CC or BB cream of the new generation. It doesn’t contain any color or pigment but is still able to provide a radiant effect on the face. Of course, there are also other antioxidants, microelements, vitamins, extracts, and oils that are very beneficial for the skin.

Basically, the composition focuses on restoring the intracellular matrix, cellular strengthening, cell membrane protection, detoxification, maximum skin protection, anti-aging, skin elasticity, anti-pigmentation in the long term. However, the product is still 99% natural, despite its HI-TECH composition.

Does Regene Supreme have anything that might surprise us?

It is not easy to be surprised nowadays, because the range of cosmetics in the beauty market already is huge enough. However, the night cream has a unique feature — it may look rich in consistency, but, when applied to the face, it turns from creamy to water-like consistency.

The cream’s usual rich texture disappears, getting absorbed immediately but leaving the skin feeling moisturized for 72 hours. Even after washing it with the cleansing foam, your skin won’t feel dry.  

Our products have a light but pleasant smell. For the fragrance, we only use natural oils that have no bad effects on the formula and do not disrupt its action. No artificial fragrances or perfumes are used to avoid any skin irritations.


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