Trying a new skincare product – how to test out the product and what to look out for (5 useful tips)

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Trying new products can be exciting, we are sure of it. But have you ever wondered – how to carefully incorporate new products into your routine? New products can be a great addition to your skincare routine, but in some cases, they can also have negative side effects. So, is there a safe way to introduce your skin to a new product? Technically, yes, but you have to remember, that every skin and every product is different. So, we have compiled 5 great tips on how to test out the new products and what are the red flags to look out for. Here they are:

1. Get to know your skin

The most important part of choosing new products and creating a skincare routine is to know your skin. And not only your skin type, like dry, oily, or combined, but knowing about allergies, ingredients that can cause breakouts, or types of products your skin is sensitive to. Of course, you cannot know it all right away, but you should be careful when you break out, have redness or your skin just feels off. Naturally, you should stop using products that cause any bad reaction, but also take a mental (or physical) note and over time you will build a knowledge of what works best for you or what to keep away from.

2. Choose your products wisely

Trying new stuff can be a challenge when starting. So, be patient and choose carefully. When introducing your skin to new skincare items, choose simpler stuff. Don’t go for the complex products right away. Build your knowledge about products and introduce them to your skin one step at a time. In the beginning, avoid complicated formulas and choose products with fewer ingredients. That will show you right away if you are sensitive to the basic stuff. But also keep in mind that some ingredients, such as retinol and glycolic acid, can irritate your skin, particularly if your skin is sensitive and that is normal and temporary. And when you are ready move on to more fancy stuff if needed. Just remember to look out for signs that the product is not for you such as red, itchy, or swollen skin.

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3. Try samples

A sample or smaller size of a new product when you are trying it out is the best choice. Do not invest in a full-size product if you are not sure it will suit you. If it’s possible try a sample, if not, purchase a smaller package. It will not only save you tons of money and allow you to research the best products, but also will reduce product waste. And when you are ready to commit to the product, it’s time to invest in full size.

4. Try one product at the time

Another golden rule is not to try a bunch of products at once. It will be a shock to your skin and can irritate it. Even if you don’t have allergies and your skin is fine with the product’s details, all at once can be too much. Introduce new stuff one by one. That will give you awareness of products and ingredients of what works and what doesn’t. After 10 days of testing new stuff, you can add another new product to your routine if everything is fine. And keep in mind, that skincare takes time. You will see the reaction after a week or maybe 10 days, but the final results can show in a few weeks or even months.

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5.Choose when to test out new products

Improving your skincare routine before an important events sound like a good plan, right? Actually, please, stick to your usual pattern if something crucial is coming up. As we discussed before, new things can cause new reactions. And some of them are hard to get rid of. So, don’t ruin everything with experiments. Also, keep in mind weather can be an important element as well. Heatwaves with lots of sweating and swimming can irritate your skin and make the introduction process more complicated. As well cold and frosty weather, can dry your skin or even freeze it to some level. So, avoid extra stress on your skin and choose a more usual setting for new product testing.

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How to build a new skincare routine?

Great, you have tested a bunch (or some) of new products and are ready to build a skincare routine. And the main question is – how to start? First of all, think of your skin-care routine as a three-step process:

Choose one or few products for each step. Ideally, if they all are from the same line or brand. If not, choose similar ingredients or levels of complexity.
Secondly, trust the process. As same as testing new products,o building a routine can be time-consuming. Don’t worry if you don’t see results right away. The only time when to worry is if you have a bad reaction to a product or product combination.

And last but not least, remember to switch it up. Yes, as we discussed before, testing new products can be a handful, but keep in mind, that over time, your skin gets used to things and products are not as effective anymore. So it’s good to switch up from time to time, just don’t change them every other week.

Final thoughts

Skin is a very complex, especially the skin on your face, so be gentle to it. Remember, results take time and the most important part of the process is to listen to your body, look for reactions, and know when to stop. So, good luck building your own perfect skincare routine!


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