My Skin Looks Dull, What To Do? 4 Costless and Zero Waste Skincare Tips For Fresh and Glowing Skin

Man doing skincare for dull skin

Fresh, bright, and supple skin has been desired through centuries. In the fast-paced world of today, naturally, there is an abundant supply of products to choose from, many of which are going in and out of style with the ebb and flow of skincare trends.

That said, it is easy to get lost and overwhelmed in the seemingly boundless world of skincare products. If you want to avoid cluttering your vanity table with products you doubt you really need, it’s wise to consider what are the natural, costless alternatives to keeping your skin clean and radiant.

Hang in there, as we’re about to cover 4 costless skincare tips that will help you maintain a youthful and healthy-looking skin while being eco-conscious.

Benefit from a simple facial massage

Woman with dull skin doing facial massage

Facial massages, including the revolutionary term “face yoga”, are a growing trend right now, and well deserved!

Facial massages can be easily done at home with little to no products or equipment. A face roller or a flat gua sha are common tools for facial massage but by no means they are obligatory to reap the benefits. All facial massages center around the stimulation of the pressure points on the face, neck, and shoulders so to increase blood flow and promote lymphatic drainage.

All you have to do is ensure your skin is clear and moist, and follow some simple massage techniques, as depicted in the video above. Lotions, oils, or cleansing balms are typically applied, but your regular moisturizer or even coconut oil will do, as the goal is to help your fingers glide on your skin.

Regular facial massages can help improve blood flow and even get rid of puffiness, giving you that coveted “morning glow.” Just massage your face gently for a few minutes in the morning, and in time you’ll see great results for your skin.

Try the frozen cucumber viral hack

Woman with cucumbers on her face as a mask for dull skin

Some trends come and go, others stick around for good. It’s likely because they are simple, no need to reinvent the wheel. Hence: the frozen cucumber saga.

If you remember the 2000’s movie scenes about self-care in spa and salon, it’s very probable that you’ll instantly think of the “cucumber slices on the eyes” cliche. It seems like we’ve come full circle, and cucumbers for skincare are all the rage again, but this time frozen. To put things in perspective, the #frozencucumber hashtag alone has more than 5.3 million views on TikTok, the majority of videos being skincare-related. Some even claim they are completely ditching the iconic jade roller for cucumbers.

Does the TikTok frozen cucumber hack really work?

Allegedly, massaging your face with a frozen cucumber on a regular basis has almost miraculous benefits such as removing blemishes and brightening the under-eye area. While these claims may sound too good to be true, there is truth to the fact that cucumbers are naturally moisturizing, being 96% water, and they are known to have soothing and cooling properties. Besides, cucumbers boast high levels of ascorbic acid otherwise known as vitamin C which over time helps to brighten skin and increase collagen levels, improving elasticity.

Other rejuvenating properties come from it being frozen, of course. Ice really does tighten your skin, making it look younger and rushing the bloodflow so to give your skin that rosy look. So if you’re having some doubts over cucumbers, you can easily go back to the ages-old method of using an ice cube. Just run the ice cube (or the smoothed frozen cucumber) over your face in upwards and circular motions to yield the best results.

Put the “beauty” in beauty sleep

Woman waking up from her beauty sleep for combating dull skin

A dull and tired-looking skin may be a sign of a dull and tired you. The truth is that nothing can make you look and feel like you got eight hours of sleep except actually getting eight hours of sleep. If there is something that all skincare experts can agree on, then it’s definitely the benefits of “getting that beauty sleep”.

Sleep is absolutely vital for your body to rest and rejuvenate, and that also means it’s very, very necessary for your skin to look good. Enzymes breaking apart dead skin cells, hormones leveling out, and even collagen production – this and many more complex processes happen while you sleep. Your skin really needs these hours to heal itself from the day’s damage.

That being said, if you want to maintain your skin looking plump and fresh, do pay attention to your sleep routine. It is truly the only “cosmetic procedure” you can’t buy nor replace.

Besides, pay attention to some simple hygiene rules that will increase the chances of your sleep being beautifully rewarding. Like never sleeping with your makeup on and regularly changing your pillowcase so to reduce breakouts.

Hydrate yourself in and out

Woman drinking water to hydrate her dull skin

It’s likely you already expected this point to be made, but drinking water really is a pro tip people swear by. However, to be precise, drinking water doesn’t directly hydrate the skin, but it certainly helps your body to function better which have profound and lasting benefits.

When all of your body is replenished with enough water, your liver and kidneys work better in clearing out the toxins from the body. That, in turn, results in reduced puffiness and can even help making the dark circles appear lighter. However, the most evident benefit of hydrating yourself from the inside out is that healthy glow.

Pro tip: keep a huge bottle of water on your desk at work or somewhere in your home where you’ll frequently encounter it. Just keep taking sips throughout the day, and you’ll notice a healthy glow to your skin at all times.

This “life hack” is especially important for folks who enjoy drinking several cups of coffee, green tea, or black tea throughout the day. These warm and beloved beverages are natural diuretics, meaning they cause the body to lose water. If you don’t restore the water lost, you’re on your way to dehydration, which besides causing such problems like headaches and fatigue, will make your skin dull, dry, and more prone to breakouts.

Final thoughts

Whether from the standpoint of ecological sustainability or personal budgeting, these costless ways of taking care of your skin will certainly come in handy.

However, it’s wise to understand that if you’re not investing money, then you still have to invest your time and effort. The key to reaching the promised benefits of proper skincare is definitely routine and commitment.

Then again, many of us don’t have amazing genes or such lifestyle to ensure our skin looks stress-free and radiant completely au naturel without using any products. If this resonates with you, the most we can do is be mindful about our purchases, choosing products that fit our skin type and lifestyle.

No matter if you choose to invest your money or your time, at the end of the day it all depends on whether or not it’s a priority for you. If you start prioritizing taking care of your skin, there’s no doubt you’ll have a healthy and radiant skin in no time!


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