8 makeup mistakes that age you and make your skin look dull


Staying young and looking healthy is still the goal for everyone. Either you reach it by developing a skin-care routine that suits you or by learning makeup looks that are highlighting your best features. But sometimes you might look into the mirror and feel older than you are or more tired than you actually feel. And that’s all because there are some common makeup mistakes most are making and here are 8 typical ones you should avoid:

1. Dry skin

The first rule for skin to look healthy and glowing is to exfoliate and moisturize. Flaky and dry skin not only makes your skin look dull but also adds a few years to your appearance. So the best tip to avoid that is to develop a skincare routine – exfoliate regularly, to get rid of dry skin cells and clear blemishes. And of course, moisture, moisture, moisture… It will help you avoid dry spots and will make foundation application smoother and last longer.

woman doing facial

2.Thick and heavy foundation in the wrong shade

Foundation is the basis of any makeup look and the wrong shade is a no-go. It can ruin all the looks and make you seem older and even tired or unhealthy. For example, if the product is too orange or yellow, your face won’t match the rest of the body. Additionally, try to avoid the sharp line between jaw and neck by blending. Also, a thick and heavy layer of foundation is the most common mistake. And remember, foundations’ main purpose is to even out your skin tone, not to cover flaws or blemishes. So, apply a sheer layer, not a thick one.

3. Too much concealer

A concealer is a great tool to fix spots, imperfections, and dark circles. But finding the right shade is as important, as finding the right foundation. The shade must match the face as the rest of the makeup. Choosing too light concealer will enhance your dark circles and spots. Furthermore, applying too much of the product can settle in fine lines and enhance wrinkles. And by doing so, it will make you look far older than you are.

4. Thin and dark eyebrows

Let’s leave thin eyebrows in the folder of ‘make-up mistakes of the early 2000s’, agreed? It’s not only out of trend but also makes you look older. Now it’s a time of natural brow. So, don’t pluck them too much and stick with natural-looking colors as well. Don’t go for darker shades. Just a bit of contour and light strokes of pencil or shadows and you are good to go.

woman coloring lips

5. Dark matte lip color

Dark, dramatic, and matte lips are key to looking older and discoloring your face tone. In contrast to dark lips, your skin will look more pale, tired, and dull. And the matte effect – adds a heaviness to makeup. To look younger and makeup to appear lighter, choose light, youthful colors like – pink, coral, or lighter red. And a bit of shine will be a perfect touch.

6. Eyeshadows in the wrong shade

Yes, eyeshadows are wonderful, when used correctly. There are two big mistakes when choosing the shades. First, don’t use dark colors in day makeup. Yes, a bit of dark brown or black will make your eyes pop. But there is a fine line – leave the dark, intense colors for evening makeup. And second, match the colors to your skin tone. When choosing an eye or lip color it’s all about the balance and color palette of your face. Start with nude colors and add an accent of color suitable for your face and eye color. For example, for blue eyes choose warm tones, but for green – lilac or purple. It will make your eyes pop and your face – brighten up.

7. Heavy liner

That dramatic cat-eye we all wanted to try… Of course, some are lucky and can actually pull it off. But for most, heavy black liner will be too much. Overusing the black liner can make you look far too old, tired, and tacky even. Still, if you long for that black accent, try a small wing, not full cat-eye. A delicate and thin line will lift your face and make your eyes more dramatic. In a good way.

8. No contour

Contouring still is the step that most are forgetting. And then, you are left with a face that lacks color on those cheeks or your cheekbones are hidden under foundation. A little bit of bronzer and blush will give you the glow that you are aiming for. Not sure how to get it right? No worries, we got you! Here are tips to get you started:

  • Choose the right product – for a more youthful look, reach for a cream product. But if you have powder bronzer in your makeup kit, choose a fluffy brush for a lighter application. And when it comes to shades, avoid orange and too dark ones. Bronzer shouldn’t be dramatic, but it should mimic natural shadow.
  • Define your best features – sweep bronzer onto the parts you would like to define. Remember, the lighter the touch, the more natural look. Ad a bit of bronzer on your cheeks, hairline, and jawline. To find the best spot – smile a bit and you will see the natural crease bronzer should be applied on.
  • Add a highlighter – contouring is not only about bronzer but highlights as well. Ad a highlighter or concealer on high points of your face and the bridge of your nose, the center of your forehead, the top of your cheekbones, and areas around your mouth.
  • Set the contour – to lock in the look, put a bit of setting powder on. Just remember, just a small amount, not to look too matte.
woman doing facial

Keep your face nice and fresh

As previously mentioned, healthy and well-taken care of skin is the most important step. Before and after makeup. Certainly, prepping the skin is crucial as well as taking all the makeup off. For example, renew and refresh your face with Regene Supreme Cleansing foam. And then, reach for high-quality face cream, just like Regene Supreme’s night cream. Your skin will thank you and you will keep your youthful look much longer.

In conclusion

Remember, taking care of your face and skin is the key to longer youth and glowing skin. Makeup and fashion trends are just a bonus. And keep in mind, to make your skin look less dull, use less makeup and avoid heavy layers. Take one step at a time and improve your makeup every day. So, you will find what works for you and what will not.

We hope this blog article gave you some valuable tips that you will keep in mind when putting on that flawless makeup look. Take care!


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