5 useful tips on how to apply makeup on dry skin and avoid flakes

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Not everyone has the same skill for perfecting a fantastic makeup look. Regarding product choice and application methods, what works for some people might not work for others. This is especially relevant if you have dry skin. And it can be challenging to put makeup on dry or flaky skin. So how do you apply makeup despite having dry and flaky skin? Even if the weather is changing, you’re not getting enough sleep, or anything else is causing issues on your skin, you can still have perfect makeup by following a few simple tips. So, here are 5 useful tips on how to apply makeup on dry skin and make it last.

1. Stick to a solid skincare routine

Foundation and other makeup products don’t sit well on top of dry, flaky skin. Make sure to exfoliate your skin so that you have a smooth surface on which to apply makeup. On top of that, moisturizing should be a regular part of your skincare routine, but it’s essential when wearing makeup. It helps in setting down a hydrated, silky foundation for makeup application.

2. Find a face primer for dry skin

A moisturizing primer under your foundation is necessary if you have dry skin. In addition to making it easier for makeup to stay in place, primers also help you apply makeup smoothly and add an important layer of moisture. But when it comes to applying a full face of makeup, a good primer is often overlooked. That’s a mistake, because it is the key to a gorgeous glow-up, delivering hydration and skin-smoothing benefits while blurring texture and offering staying power for your foundation. You won’t want to skip it if your complexion is very parched. With drier skin types, larger pores might still be present. Primer is a wonderful technique to minimize them, and it also makes foundation application easier. Make sure to use a primer that is hydrating and has radiance to make the skin appear youthful, plump, and glowy.

3. Use hydrating makeup products

When applying foundation to dry skin, choose moisturizing, illuminating liquid formulations. Foundations that are overly matte might highlight dryness and make it worse. Look for hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, or argan oil. If you have blemishes and need fuller coverage, reach for a foundation that has a natural finish and full coverage, is buildable, and is formulated for dry or all skin types. If you prefer something more sheer and lightweight, try the tinted face balm or CC cream. It will melt into the skin and create a natural-looking finish with a subtle glow. And even if it might seem sheer, it also works to conceal imperfections, smooth lines, firm the skin and even tone it.

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4. Put down the powder

The powder is not your friend if you have dry, flaky skin. Seriously. These products may clog pores and lay on dry skin, giving the appearance of flaky and heavy makeup. Just the spots where you could encounter creasing or a little shine throughout the day can be fixed with a light powder. If neither of these concerns you, you can completely skip powder and use a setting spray to settle your makeup. And most of the blushes or highlighters are in powder form, right? Particularly if your complexion is appearing dull from dryness, you don’t want to fully abandon your blush or highlighter. Replace your go-to powders with cream products instead. And remember, an illuminator can help restore the look of your glow. Dot a liquid highlighter above your cheekbones to fake authentic-looking luminosity.

5. Refresh your skin with a face mist

Using a face spray is the greatest technique to keep makeup on dry skin intact throughout the day. Keep a rosewater spray on hand for midday moisture to revitalize skin if your skin becomes dry over the day. For even more moisture, add tiny dabs of a lotion or cream on spots that need a little extra help.

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Makeup mistakes that make your skin look dry and flaky

You’ve worked hard to make your makeup seem flawless, but all of a sudden, your foundation looks flaky and uneven. Why then does your makeup appear stale and unappealing? Simple is the response. Everything depends on how you apply the product and what things you combine it with. The improper primer or using a thick coverage foundation on dry skin might cause your foundation to seem flaky. It might be frustrating to attempt to conceal broken powder or foundation. Aside from choosing the right products, here are 3 big makeup mistakes that make your skin look dry and flaky: 

  • You apply foundation with a brush –  Most makeup experts advise using a beauty blender, instead of a brush, to prevent flakiness. First dot the foundation all over your face with your fingers, but don’t blend it out. Then take a beauty blender (before making it damp with water) and blend the foundation dots on your skin by bouncing the beauty blender over them.
  • You use heavy foundations – as we discussed before, the formula of the foundation is important. Using the too-heavy product will make your skin look dry and might settle into fine lines. Start with a lighter one, for a more natural glow. 
  • Pat, Don’t Rub – when it comes to makeup, especially on dry skin, the applying technique is important. You can apply foundation with a beauty blender, but what with other products? The right way is to pat, don’t rub. Yes, even eye shadow, blush, and highlighter. It will look so much better and stay on longer. 

Final thoughts

It’s likely that dry skin is at blame if your makeup is flaking. But now you won’t have to wonder, “Why does my makeup appear flaky?”, because you know how to avoid it now that we’ve given you the tips, right? So, keep in mind to keep up with your skincare routine, moisturize and hydrate your skin. If you are experiencing severe flaking, itchiness, burning, or scaling, see a dermatologist make sure it’s not a skin or health condition that’s causing your makeup to flake.


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