Smoke damaged skin: tips and tricks on how to repair it


The skin is our largest organ, which together with hair, nails and glands make up the organ systems. In addition, the skin performs a protective function, participates in the synthesis of substances, regulation of body temperature, excretion of metabolic products and other processes, so it must be properly cared for. The skin is affected by various factors, such as air quality, nutrition, sleep, hormonal activity and also harmful habits – smoking and alcohol consumption. In the continuation of the article, we have prepared valuable information and useful tips on how to take care of smoke damaged skin.


Smoke damaged skin – why it is so necessary to take extra care of it

It is said that the skin is the mirror of our health, and it really is! If one of the organ systems does not work as it should – it is reflected on our face, for example, pimples, breakouts, rashes or in some other way. If your body receives another dose of nicotine every day, this behavior will definitely have consequences for the health of the skin as well. More than 4,000 chemicals are found in tobacco smoke, about half of which can contribute to the development of oncological diseases.

When smoking, the skin is literally “cut off oxygen”, thus significantly accelerating its aging processes. Also, the unpleasant smell of cigarettes is absorbed into the skin. As a result, the facial skin looks tired and unhealthy.

You can help your skin by going to the caring and rejuvenating facial procedures at a beautician. It is also important to think about regular skin care and nutrition at home, by using high-quality cosmetic products. Nutrition, physical activity, and a healthy lifestyle in general definitely play an important role.

A plan to help your skin

Of course, one of the most effective ways to improve your skin and overall health is to give up smoking altogether, but at the same time, we are aware that this is not always such an easy way. Here are some of the recommendations to restore the beauty, radiance and health of your skin.

Laser treatments for facial skin rejuvenation

Smoking also significantly affects blood circulation. In places where it is disturbed, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness, as a result, wrinkles form, its texture becomes uneven, and its tone is uneven.

One of the most successful solutions is the use of laser procedures for facial skin. Lasers help restore the upper skin or epidermis and promote collagen production in the skin.

In order to apply the most suitable type of procedure for your skin type and health condition, we recommend consulting a cosmetologist who is a professional. In addition, this type of procedure is non-invasive, painless and leaves no lasting effects on the skin.

Fillers and injections for skin firmness

As we found out earlier in this article, smoking causes wrinkles. Some of them are formed due to the loss of skin elasticity, while others are due to the usual movements and facial expressions that occur when regularly inhaling cigarette smoke. To smooth out wrinkles, it is possible to perform injections, filling problem areas with dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid.

For example, botulinum toxin, or Botox, blocks muscle contraction at the injection site, promoting muscle relaxation, which results in the smoothing of facial wrinkles. For more sensitive people, the procedure may cause temporary discomfort, but to avoid various health-related complications, it is definitely recommended to be performed only by certified and recognized specialists.


Taking care of your skin at home

Yes, daily care for the health of your skin is also necessary. We recommend making your skincare routine a habit. Air pollution, sweat, and remnants of decorative cosmetics are just some of the reasons why it is necessary to cleanse the skin (don’t forget the neck and décolleté area) twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.

Facial care products must be adjusted individually to your skin type (a dermatologist or cosmetologist will help determine it). To fully take care of your skin at home, you need to cleanse, nourish and moisturize it. In this case, the following will work: cleansing foam, serum, lotion, as well as day cream and night cream. Be sure not to forget to use an SPF protective cream, both on sunny and cloudy days and also in winter. Currently, a wide range of different types of face creams are available on the market, which already contain an SPF protective filter that protects the skin from the effects of harmful UV rays.

Treat yourself once a month by performing a facial SPA ritual at home. Cleanse the skin from dead cells, apply a face mask, feed it with natural oils and truly enjoy the feeling of glowing and healthy skin.

A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are a must

Undeniably, it is important to take care of the skin not only from the outside, but also internally, because the condition of the skin also depends on our diet and lifestyle. It is especially important for smokers to remember to moisturize their skin regularly. This means drinking at least 2 liters of water during the day. Products like fruits, berries, and vegetables must be included in a diet. They are rich in vitamin C and valuable sources of antioxidants as well. Also, regularly engage in physical activities, because moving the whole body improves and stimulates blood circulation, having a positive effect on skin health as well.


Vitamins for the health of your skin

Skin needs vitamins to be healthy and glowing. Here are some of the most valuable: 

  • Vitamin A – provides elasticity, helps in the fight against acne;
  • Vitamin C – ensures optimal collagen synthesis, wound healing and antioxidant activity;
  • Vitamin B complex (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 and B10) is intended for skin, nail and hair health;
  • Vitamin D – ensures proper maturation and development of any body cell;
  • Vitamin K – reduces skin redness and inflammation;
  • Vitamin E – improves the protective barrier of the skin.

It is not always possible to get all the vitamins in their required daily dose with food, so you can choose one of the nutritional supplements that will provide your body with all the necessary and valuable substances.

To sum up

As we found out, the skin is an equally important organ that performs several essential functions. Smoke damaged skin needs special care. We are a company that produces care cosmetics for smokers. Feel free to explore our website and choose the most suitable products – for your skin health and well-being.


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