7 Nifty Makeup Hacks to Instantly Brighten a Tired-Looking and Dull Skin

Woman doing makeup for dull skin

You’re glowing! – that’s the best compliment anybody can get, right? Tired-looking and dull skin is not the look that anyone is aiming for. But stress, bad habits, or lack of sleep can lead to not having the most radiant look. No worries, nowadays some great products and hacks can save the day and take all the cares away. To help you worry less and look well-rested, we have prepared 7 Nifty Makeup Hacks to Instantly Brighten a Tired-Looking and Dull Skin:

1. Prepare your skin - cleanse and massage

To start a flawless makeup look that covers up tired or dull-looking features, you need to prepare the skin. First of all, wash and cleanse the face. A simple face massage can help reduce swellness or dark circles. Even with fingers or a cotton pad, a gentle stimulation will wake up your skin. But to clean pores and reduce greasiness, use toner or micellar water. For the best result use Regene Supreme’s Cleansing Foam which removes all the dirt and harmful smoke residue from your skin and leaves it fresh and gloving. But if all the cleansing products are out of reach, a splash of cold water and a soft towel can start your makeup process.

2. Prefer high-quality face care for better results

When the face is squeaky clean, before makeup you need a base. First of all, good quality face cream is the main product to use before anything else. It will make your skin smooth and reduce dry spots, as well as help the foundation and concealer last longer. In the daytime choose day cream for healthier-looking skin, but for extra moisture and better skin’s long-term condition, apply night cream. Check out Regene Supreme’s day and night creams, that will help your skin look less dull and more radiant. You can combine face massage with daily cream applying for better and faster results.

woman applying concealer on tired looking skin

3. Choose the Holy grail - concealer

The first step after preparing the skin is smoothing out the skin tone and getting rid of dark circles and spots. And now comes the star, that everyone should have in their makeup bag – concealer. This product covers any blemishes you’re having, reduces shadows from wrinkles, and remainders of fatigue – dark circles. There are many techniques for applying concealer as well. For example, here are a few:

  • The dot technique – put small dots under the eye area. Dab them out with a finger or makeup sponge. Just remember – don’t swipe. Swiping or rubbing will make the product stuck in the creases of your skin.
  • The magic triangle – The most professional way of applying the concealer is by using the triangle method. Draw triangles under your eyes and then by dabbing motion smooth them out. It will make your eyes pop and your face look more awake.
  • Fix the issues – another way to use concealer’s superpowers is to apply it right on the problematic spots and the most flawless result will be by using a cotton swab. Yes, that’s right, the small brush-like top will reach the most incredible results.

Not convinced that you will master the concealer application? Here are more tips that can help: To brighten your eyes and mix it with eye cream and apply it together. It will make the putting-on process easier and the finish more effortless without any uneven spots. But for the red spots, zits, and blemishes, choose green concealer. It will flush out any redness on the skin and will disappear under the foundation. And to lock the product in, use powder for a more finished look without any unnecessary shine.

4. Highlight your best features

When talking about shine, just remember not all luminous is bad. Actually, the right spots need to shine. But how to reach that gloving effect without looking tacky or fake? The key is to choose the right spots with a little bit of product, nothing too much. Not to overuse the highlighter, choose a fluffy brush and gently stroke. Start with a simple 4 spot rule:

Woman puting on blush on tired looking skin

5. A little bit of color on those cheeks is what you need

Another reason your skin is looking dull and tired is that it lacks color. One way to fix it – is by using the right shade and amount of blush. Just like with highlighter – less is more. A bit of rose or coral on the top of your cheeks will set the tone for the whole makeup look and your face will appear. How to choose the right blush tone, you might ask.

Here is a simple rule you should follow – if you want to compliment your skin tone and make a more natural look, choose blush with the same undertone as your skin, but for a bold look choose the opposite.

For example, if you have a warm undertone (yellow) choose a warm blush shade, but if you want it to pop – choose cool blush. And if your skin has a pink (cool undertone) shade, the story goes the other way. Still complicated? Here are examples of blush shades to choose from:

  • Neutral blush – mauve
  • Cool – Pink, Berr or Fuchsia
  • Warm – Coral, Brown, or Peach.

6. Pop of color - eyeshadows to the rescue

After dealing with face tone and setting all the contours, some eye shadow will be just on point. Just a bit of shimmer on your lid can change the whole look and make your eyes pop and skin look more radiant. Just like with blush, choose the tone according to your skin tone, which will make you look healthier and hide all the tiredness.

Remember, everyday makeup should not consist of a lot of bright colors, if you like one will be a great choice. The right effect can be reached by 3 easy shadow combinations. Dark in the outer corner of your eye, the neutral all over the lid, and the shimmer in the middle or in the inner corner. Simple as that and you will look put together and fabulous.

Woman putting on lipstick

7. Add a little bit of glossy finish

And the cherry on the top – lips. The right lip color can completely brighten up your face, in particular light shades like nude, coral, and pink. And as previously mentioned, just follow the undertone rule and you’ll find the right tone. And to take, your look even further, reach for glosses to add sparkle and sheen. Or if you’re not a fan of colored lips, a bit of gloss will go a long way and elevate your appearance.

Just one more hack – if you don’t have a blush and lip color in the same shade, you can use a lip product as a blush to reconcile your makeup look. Dab a small amount of lip color on top of the cheeks and you are ready to go.

To sum up

A full face of makeup and all the hacks all at once can be a handful, we know. But to improve your whole look you don’t have to use all of it. Just follow a few steps of your choosing, and you will look less tired and your skin will be glowing. Just remember, skincare is the first step to healthier and less dull skin.

We hope this blog article gave you some valuable tips that you will keep in mind when putting on that flawless makeup look. Take care!


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