7 Handy Tips How To Keep Your Skin Healthy And Glowing In Winter

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As the seasons change, the weather changes as well. Yes, winter is wonderful, but it can affect your skin and take its glow away. Your skin can suffer badly in the winter, and it may seem impossible to get away from it: When it’s cold and windy outside, your skin can become raw and red, and when it’s hot inside, both the air and your skin lose moisture. Your skin can feel rough, dry, and itchy throughout the winter because of the decline in humidity and temperature. Winning the battle against dry, dull, lifeless skin and regaining your glow should be high on your list of priorities because winter is one of the worst seasons for our complexions.

Thankfully, there are numerous strategies, including simple routine adjustments, to battle the causes of dry skin and keep oneself moisturized and supple throughout the season. We have prepared 7 helpful tips to keep your skin glowing and healthy over the winter.

1. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin

One of the most essential components of your winter skincare routine is an excellent moisturizer. This product refills the skin’s essential lipids and restores moisture. An excellent moisturizer may soothe your skin and enhance its radiance in addition to increasing the moisture level. Unfortunately, there is no one skincare method that works for everyone. The best results will come from products that are appropriate for your skin type. The question is, though, how would you know which moisturizer is appropriate for your skin type? For naturally dry skin, a thick ointment may be a fantastic alternative to seal in moisture. But for more oily skin we advise milder, moisturizing lotions. Also, look for components like vitamin E, which supports the skin’s defense against pollutants, when selecting a moisturizer. Applying moisturizer frequently throughout the day is advised, especially after taking a shower or bath. Additionally, keep in mind that your lips are constantly exposed to the cold. To cure cracked lips in the winter, select lip balms with unique moisturizing ingredients.

2. Invest in a humidifier to maximize moisture

Yes, this may sound a little extra, but a humidifier can go a long. As the heating is turned on, the humidity levels in your home drop. And if you experience drier skin this time of year, this can be very helpful. It will keep up the moisture level and protect your skin and eyes from the drying effect of winter. At first, the dry winter air may seem energizing. On the other hand, long-term exposure to dry air will dehydrate your lungs, nose, and mouth. This might be a little irritation that makes you cough more frequently or a major problem. Always inhaling dry air might exacerbate your symptoms if you already have respiratory issues, such as asthma or COPD. Although using a humidifier won’t give you a cure, it can help you manage your symptoms. In general, breathing might feel more comfortable.

3. Nourish your body

True overall skin health originates from inside and Making sure you eat healthy, balanced diet aid in nourishing your body from the inside out. Winter is a fantastic time to incorporate seasonal foods into your diet, such as pumpkin, carrots, and sweet potatoes, which are all packed with antioxidants and essential for healthy cell growth and skin tone. Also, consume vitamin- and mineral-rich fruits and vegetables like melons, apples, oranges, and kiwis every day to maintain skin hydrated and glowing, and make sure to, get enough omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from nuts and seeds, fish, and avocados.


4. Stay Hydrated

As we talked about before, staying hydrated in winter is crucial, but you cannot forget about staying hydrated from the inside as well and the most simple way – is to drink a lot of water. While it may be possible to do this in the summer when it’s hot, staying hydrated in the winter might be considerably trickier. According to studies, people often experience up to 40% less thirst throughout the winter. Dehydration may have negative effects on our health and wellness, though. Also, our bodies need water to help regulate the temperature of our inner organs. Our body’s core temperatures might drop as a result of dehydration. So, drinking plenty of water in the cold has many advantages – when it’s freezing outdoors, we remain hydrated and stay warm!

5. Sleep

We all know that getting enough sleep is essential for maintaining a positive attitude, a clear mind, and beautiful skin. At night, skin cells repair more quickly. The protein known as collagen, which aids in maintaining the volume and flexibility of your skin, is created when your skin cells renew. On top of that, the skin receives increased blood flow when you’re sleeping, which gives it the nutrients it needs to repair itself after being exposed to the environment all day. And if you need to improve your sleeping habits, add magnesium to your supplements. It’s a mineral that will enhance the quality of sleep. Due to its involvement in hundreds of biochemical processes, including the creation of energy, DNA repair, and nervous system regulation, it is essential for our bodies to operate.

6. Apply Sunscreen

Yes, you read it right, apply sunscreen even on gray winter days. Snow reflects the sun’s rays on sunny winter days, increasing your UV exposure. Sunburn, skin cancer, and early aging of the skin have all been connected to UV radiation (such as wrinkles, leathery skin, and liver spots). In the winter, levels of UVA, or UV-Ageing as it is known in the field of dermatology, are still high enough to cause skin aging, yes, even if the sun is not shining on you directly, using a sunscreen with a high UVA rating all year round to protect your skin is still crucial. Since UVB is the wavelength that promotes the formation of vitamin D, levels might drop throughout the winter. It is necessary to supplement with oral vitamin D3, which is a form of vitamin.


7. Switch up your skincare

On top of staying hydrated and using moisturizers, it’s better if you switch up your skincare a bit. Yes, dry skin will appear dull and without shine. So, here are some useful changes you can make in your skincare to look your best in winter:

  • Choose a more soothing cleanser – Cleaning twice a day will assist to get rid of the toxic buildup that irritates sensitive winter skin. Choose a mild cleanser that won’t remove the skin from its natural oil if your skin is dehydrated to keep it from feeling tight and painful.

  • Reach for gentler exfoliation – Winter exfoliation is crucial because else the dry skin would persist. However, if you exfoliate too roughly while your skin is sensitive, it might make the situation even worse. Consider using a scrub with Glycolic Acid since it offers a gentler exfoliation.

  • Use hydrating face mask – Use a hydrating mask for an immediate boost. An intense mask will replenish the skin’s moisture levels and give it an immediate sense of comfort and pay attention to hyaluronic acid.

Final thoughts

Winter can be rough on your skin and mood as well. So, remember – slowing down and listening to the inner self is the best way to understand what the body needs. Take a break, reflect, relax, rest and reset and you will make better lifestyle and health choices. Only then when we listen to our bodies, we can feel and look our best.


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