7 common skincare mistakes you need to avoid

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When it comes to skincare, we usually talk about how to improve and make it more effective. But there are many little things that can slow down the results or even cause other skin problems. Yes, choosing the wrong products can be one of those things, but there are many bits and pieces that we don’t even think about, and they can be a significant obstacle on the road to healthy and glowy skin. So, to help you improve your skincare routine and get the results you crave, we are gathered 7 common skincare mistakes you need to avoid. 

1. Going to sleep with makeup on

It can be tempting to avoid washing your face when you’re very sleepy since all you want to do is go to bed. But if you wear makeup, it’s not a wise decision for your skin. It’s one of the most significant mistakes you can make for your skin. However, this can cause blocked pores, blackheads, and pimples. It can also prevent essences, serums, treatments, or moisturizers from effectively absorbing after. Taking off makeup and washing your skin with face wash or foam, can be a big step towards a cleaner and healthier skin.

2. Over-exfoliating with harsh scrubs

When your skin is feeling unusual or dry, it’s tempting to overuse exfoliating scrubs. However, it could cause more damage than good. Exfoliation can disrupt the skin’s natural barrier and produce microscopic tears in the skin. In moderation, exfoliation is still beneficial. But you may use a chemical exfoliator formulated with acids like AHA and/or BHA as an alternative to a rough scrub.

3. Only moisturizing at night

Many of us just moisturize our skin at night, not first thing in the morning after cleansing it. This frequently happens when individuals apply moisturizer in the morning and fear that it will oversaturate or overhydrate their skin and prevent their makeup from staying on. Prior to applying your makeup, wait a few minutes to let the moisturizer absorb into your skin. Second, we advise you to apply our moisturizer, which improves the texture, firmness, and appearance of your skin.

4. Skipping daily sunscreen

You should always wear sunscreen, even when it’s gloomy, rainy, or snowing. You don’t have to be at the beach to receive too much sun exposure, which can cause sunspots, skin damage, and even skin cancer. We advise using a daily moisturizer and sunscreen combination, making sure it has an SPF of at least 30.


5. Picking your skin

Constantly picking at your skin can irritate it, inflame it, and spread bacteria even if you aren’t aware of it. Overdoing this can leave scars and possibly cause breakouts because your hands often have a lot of bacteria on them. If doing this makes you anxious, attempt to stop the habit by occupying your hands with anything else.

6. Washing your face with very hot or cold water

After a workout or long day, taking a super-hot shower may feel wonderful, but hot water can strip the skin of its natural moisturizing oils and make it dry. The same is relevant for water that is too cold. To prevent dryness, always wash your face with warm water, and then moisturize to restore moisture. And this occurs not only to your face but the whole body as well.

7. Following the trends and doing whatever everyone else is doing

A product may not be suitable for you simply because your best friend or favorite blogger loves it. A great approach to exploring new products is through personal recommendations, but you should take precautions and understand the active substances you’re applying to your skin. There is no assurance that your skin will respond the same way as someone else’s, even if you believe you have the same skin type as your BFF or an influencer. And remember, changing your routine and trying new products all the time can irritate your skin as well. Take time and slowly add new products to your routine one by one.

What else can ruin your skin?

Sometimes we commit errors without even being aware of them. You’re probably trying to figure out how to get better skin using a good skincare routine. It’s simple to overburden yourself and your skin by following too much or too little of the advice that’s available.

Some of the most common skincare errors that might be harming your skin are those listed above. Of course, let’s not neglect the glaring skincare errors that deserve a mention:

  • Forgetting to wash your sheets regularly – especially pillowcases. For better results and more glowy and wrinkle-free skin change your cotton pillowcases to satin ones.
  • Using dirty makeup brushes – brushes are home for germs and if you are not cleaning your makeup brushes and sponges, you are exposing your skin to those germs, daily.
  • Not cleaning your phone – we touch our phones more than we should and our phones touch our faces as well. So, remember that cleaning your screen can help with your skin condition.

Final thoughts

Yes, we know that taking care of your skin in the right way is a lot of work and a lot to think about, but taking just small steps in improving and changing harmful habits can go a long way. Remember, your skin will thank you, if you take proper care of it, and on top of that – it will look more glowy and healthy.


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