10 Best and Worst Colors For Pale Skin: How to Choose Flattering Colors for Clothing

10 Best and Worst Colors For Pale Skin: How to Choose Flattering Colors for Clothing

Are you tired of hearing phrases like “You look sick today!” or “You should go outside more because you need some sunlight for your skin!”? Chances are — you are a person with pale skin.

While we’re used to the fact that everybody nowadays wants to get that “healthy tan”, pale skin owners can still look healthy and glowy — all you need are outfits in the colors that suit your skin tone the best.

So in this blog article, together we’ll explore what tones and colors people with pale skin should absolutely avoid, and what the colors look amazing on them, bringing out all the beautiful features.

What causes pale skin?

Even though many of us have just accepted the fact that we’ve just been born with a lighter skin tone than others, in some cases pale skin can be caused by your everyday activities, as well as indicate an underlying problem.

For example, if you’re a person who enjoys smoking as a daily habit, you might notice that your skin has gotten paler than before. That’s because smoking deprives the skin of vitamins, other nutrients, and oxygen.

Other, more serious causes of pale skin might include:

  • lack of sun exposure (but be careful not to expose yourself to the sun for too long, and always use an SPF for protection, as lighter skin tones tend to burn much easier, causing skin cancers);
  • exposure to cold and frostbites;
  • heat exhaustion;
  • decreased blood flow throughout the body;
  • low blood sugar;
  • blocked arteries in limbs;
  • different bloodstream infections (e.g., sepsis);
  • anemia.

In most cases, pale skin is nothing to worry about, but if you’re worried that your paleness may be caused by any of these reasons above, talk to your doctor.


5 worst colors for pale skin

If you have a pale skin tone, you can still look young, healthy, and thriving, by choosing the right colors in outfits and accessories that will suit your skin tone the best.

But before we jump into the colors that you as an owner of a pale skin should definitely incorporate into your wardrobe, let’s talk about colors you should avoid at all costs.


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Avoid clothes and accessories in your skin tone

You don’t want to fully disappear or look like a ghost when you’re out and about, right? That’s why you should never wear something that is in the same color range that your skin tone is.

Wearing clothes in the same color as your skin will make you appear sick because that way you won’t provide enough contrast between your skin and the outfit.

Incorporating colors that nicely contrast your skin tone will beautifully bring out your best features, making you appear lively and healthy.

Avoid those light and dreamy pastels

Similar to outfits in your skin tone, pastel tones for pale skin just won’t provide enough contrast to bring out your beautiful features because pastels in general are considered colors with kind of a washed-out tone.

In case you reeeally like pastels and want to include them in your wardrobe, use pastels in your accessories, adding that small pop of color you’re longing for, but make sure you don’t wear them close to your face — avoid pastel scarves, earrings, and necklaces.

Woman blending into pastels because of her pale skin

Avoid blacks

We know that in the previous paragraphs we highlighted that it is important for pale skin owners to make a contrast between their skin tones and outfits, but there’s a very fine line between making too much of a contrast that gives the opposite effect.

For example, you can find in many fashion magazines that black is one of the rare colors that supposedly suit everybody, when in fact that’s not entirely true. For pale skin owners, black makes too harsh of a contrast, taking away all the natural blush in the skin.

Avoid neon shades

Colors are amazing for pale skin. In fact, you shouldn’t be afraid of some bolder colors (don’t worry, we take a deeper look at them further in the article). But tones like neons should be avoided.

Neon-colored outfits can provide too much of a contrast that can take away all the gorgeous undertones of your skin, making it look greyish.

Avoid white

Even though you might think that white clothing could make your pale skin look darker, we’re here to tell you that it won’t work like that, unfortunately.

White colors are not enough of a contrast to pale skin tones, making you look sick or tired — just like with clothing in your skin tone or pastels. White might be just too close to your naturally pale skin tone, making these colors clash.

Best 5 colors for pale skin tones

Now that we’ve provided you with a range of colors and tones to watch out for when it comes to your wardrobe, let’s talk about the colors you should include in your outfits.

Yes to neutrals

While white outfits are way too light for pale skin owners, neutral tones in clothing are just right — just avoid going for shades that are too close to your skin color.

A bit more toned-down colors like grey and brown can give you a nice, balanced contrast that beautifully matches your skin tone.

Rock that emerald green

This royal color is amazing for pale skin owners — more so if you have red hair or green eyes!

Emerald green has a deep tone that looks super flattering on lighter skin, providing the right amount of contrast, without being too harsh. You can wear this majestic color in a whole piece of an outfit (like in a dress or a blouse) or you can add it as a pop of color.

Woman with pale skin wearing emerald green and looking amazing

Include bright blue

With blue tones, you have to be a little more careful — avoid too bright that’s closer to neon tones, and stay away from pastel blues as they might wash you out.

But tones like ice blue and navy blue will sit beautifully on pale skin tones, bringing out all the right features.

Don't be afraid of bold Colors

If you’ve ever thought that pale skin owners should avoid colors at all costs, we’re here to tell you that’s absolutely not true. In fact, you should totally look for bold colors and rock them with no shame because they’re gonna suit you the best.

Colors like deep purple, ruby red, mustard yellow, and dull orange are amazing colors for people with pale skin tones. These colors will give you a lively, playful look that will cancel out the lack of color in your skin.

Get yourself some colorful jewelry

When it comes to accessories, colored jewelry and other accessories are the right choices. You can wear a neutral-colored outfit and put on, for example, colorful earrings for that pop of color to make your face appear warmer and brighter.

With jewelry and accessories, you can’t go wrong with any color, so feel free to play around!

Colorful jewelry suit pale skin owners really well

Final thoughts

You should never feel ashamed of your skin tones — even if they’re lighter than we’re used to seeing on Instagram models and other influencers. By wearing outfits in colors that suit your skin tone the best, you can always look just as good (if not even better).

So throw your shame aside and rock those amazing colors like no other! Be bold and take care!


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